The Penny Pendant

   Commemorate your special occasion with PENNY PENDANT


KECH Keepsake Enterprises

 A southern Oregon group established to bring you high quality products for your enjoyment.  We strive to bring you the best products available with our Sterling Silver necklace chains and coin pendants.  The earrings use the identical pendant as is used for the necklaces.  The earring wires for pierced ears are either Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel.  The clip-on clasps are cast and stamped metal with spring loaded clips. A TRULY  BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF JEWELERY.
We use high qualiity materials to produce a truly beautiful article of jewelery to commemorate a special event in your life such as your BIRTH YEAR, GRADUATION, PROMOTION, WEDDING, RETIREMENT, DIVORCE, or any other event that is memorable to you.  We also have FREE SHIPPING to any point in the continental United States.
If you have a special penny such as your "Lucky Penny" you can send it to us and we will clean and polish it and mount it for you and return it within a few days.


     Chet    541-772-6756

     Keith   541-582-8090
Postal address 
     6915 W. Evans Creek Rd., Rogue River, ORegon 97537 
Electronic mail 
     Inquiries at -  [email protected]

What We Do

We provide you with a beautiful way to remember your particular special occurrence in your life.  We polish the pennies to a shine that is as good as or better than the day the coins were minted. We then mount them in a Sterling Siver pendant and attach it to either a 20 inch Sterling Silver Necklace or earring wires or clips, whichever you desire. The complete set is truly a beautiful set of jewelery.

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About Us

We are a small company located in southern Oregon near Medford and Rogue River.  We have hundreds of pennies that have been collected for nearly a half century.  The mint years we have go back to 1895.  We know that there probably is no one alive today in that age bracket but some of our customers have gotten PENNY PENDANTs to honor someone who is special to them and has already passed on.  This is a perfect way to honor and remember those special people.

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News and Events

Watch for us at the local craft fairs and Christmas Bazaars held frequently in Jackson or Josephine County in southern Oregon.  We know we can't make all of them but if you see us there we may be able to assemble your order on the spot .


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